Gus All Over

It was a good day to be outside.  I first let everyone out front, but there was a bit too much traffic for everyone’s total comfort.  Calpurnia did take her usual jaunt to the neighbor’s driveway, but today the garage door was open which had her a bit flummoxed.

I caught up before she went very far in, and she scampered back home.  Gus did take a tour of the wall in the pool area to sniff the plants he likes, but was soon over that.

A bit later we were all out back.  There were some shouting kids in the pool next door which had them flinching every so often, but they are a lot more relaxed when these things are out of sight.  Julie was hanging close a lot of the time, in his special “you can’t get a good picture of me” way — moving quickly, facing away from me, that kind of thing.

Gus is a bit of a better subject.  These days he is looking a bit less rumpled than during the winter.  I’m not sure if it is the pleasanter weather or his medication and regular treats of milk.  His flank fur is thickening up, but not matting.

His tail is looking especially fine these days – very thick and full.  I’m not sure why this is so, but it sure seems that way to me.

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6 Responses to Gus All Over

  1. nadbugs says:

    He is just the tops.


  2. Star Wise says:

    He is a fine cat all over. I love it how he is crossing his front legs. He is looking very regal – again.


  3. Aw Julie… you gotta stop being so camera shy! I love love love that Calla thinks the neighbors porch is her property! And Gus, what can I say. He’s beautiful, he’s stunning, and the casual crossed paws pose.. perfection!


  4. Oldcat says:

    The facing away when outside isn’t being camera shy, just that he trusts me to be behind him while he’s watching the boundaries for trouble. However, it still makes for indifferent pictures.


  5. kimkiminy says:

    He does look better… and very regal.


  6. Gus is soooooo pawsomely handsome….nice tail, absolutely…and his white whiskers are gorgeous just like mine…purrrr


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