Don’t Look Back

…unless you want to get a good picture.

More from the Saturday photo session out back.   Here’s Julie in a rare merciful moment turning back to give me a better look than the back of his head.

Then Gus left the spot next to me and passed everyone to poke about in the garden area in the opposite corner.  Calla rolls on the large rocks or stands low down in the dirt or leaves in the verge of the rocks.

Everyone reacts to a big noise in the pool area — although it looks like Julie may end up taking the blame.  The pool is to the right, but my guess is the reason that everyone seems to be looking the other way is probably that the sound is blocked by the garden wall but passes over and bounces off the house to the left and seems to be coming from that way.

Bad luck for Julie that he was so close when it happened.  I don’t think there was a fight over it, since he hopped forward pretty quickly.

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3 Responses to Don’t Look Back

  1. your cat family are such a joy to see…so incredibly beautiful…may I ask, without wanting to embarrass…how old are each of these pawsome cats? I am 5 and hoping to age slowly and with grace…


    • Oldcat says:

      Gus just recently turned 15.

      Julius is about to turn 10.

      I have owned Calpurnia for two years, but she was not a kitten when I got her. I guessed she was about five then, so she’d be seven or so now.

      From my experience a well cared for cat barely shows much age until 12 or 13. One cat made it all the way to twenty.


      • ohhh…such sweet cats…and the older they get, from our perspective, the more endearing they become. We had one baby live to 19 and our previous 3 all lived to 16-17…lives well worth being a part of in our opinion…love your kittehs…


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