Light Emitting Eye-ode

Power OFF….

Power ON!

Calla and Gus are being kind of nice to each other the last few days or so.  Gus is actually right behind her lying flat.  They’ve tended to sit near each other – either around the catnip heart in that part of the room or in the breeze of the fan.

While it isn’t lovey-dovey, at least the friction is minimal.  There was a hiss incident when Gus came up to get a sample of her food and she wasn’t quite ready to yield the plate.  He waited for her to relax and she did give up the dish.   After a few bites he left plenty for her to finish up.

It sure beats the days when Calla would perch on a bookshelf to get away from him, or the even worse times before that.

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3 Responses to Light Emitting Eye-ode

  1. minlit says:

    Cat politics are so much more complex than the human version.


  2. cat terrritory is defined by each resident cat…and when they each define the same spot, dish, human, as ‘theirs’…well, that’s an issue, huh!


  3. Are the lights clap on clap off?? MOL, couldn’t resist!
    Glad Gus and Calla are getting along a little better! Kitty friction stinks!


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