Play Date

Calla may look a little sad, but she was actually between a couple of full-blown crazy sessions when I took this picture.  The toy that was driving her to distraction is the organic catnip heart.  She had pulled the faux-Persian doormat into a pile that I had to flatten out.

As you can see…

In the second round she had pushed the heart behind a garbage can for junk mail, which she pushed aside. She hooked the heart into a paw and lifted it close and sniffed it.  The stuff made her sneeze! She then dropped it and attacked it again, and even flipped it about five feet high and back onto the little carpet, which she soon crumpled up again.

I don’t know if Julie was inspired by this frivolity, but I got him to play with a sparkle ball.  He usually disdains them as not real prey.  Today he made a few nice catches of the ball with one paw.

The danger of riling up Julius this way is that you have to be careful he doesn’t claw you when you try to get the ball for another toss.  He doesn’t mean to claw, but he is a bit out of control at these moments.   Even Gus got a few jabs at the ball when it fell down near him after Julius missed it.

And he was too distracted to squint.

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2 Responses to Play Date

  1. Sweet Purrfections says:

    Truffle tends to be a little rough with our Yeowww Nip Sardines.

    Truffle and Brulee


  2. Calla does seem to luv creating some mischief…and nice catch on the photo of Gus..he looks like he is staring off thinking about something very deep


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