Calla has been very cute and frisky today, playing with the stair carpet or with the catnip heart.  She’s totally cute, but when I got the camera to try to make a movie of it she at once froze and became totally boring.

I just wish Julie was so boring.  I’m sure most cat owners have experienced the cat eating grass outside and coughing it up with or without lunch on the floor.  Well Julie has decided to make a habit of upping the ante.

Last night he hacked up his dinner and there was some grass in it.  Only problem was, he had not been outside for about 12 hours.  So he is going out, eating grass, then holding it in reserve all day so that he can throw up dinner.  Nice.

I’ve been thinking of giving Gus a trim, but then he sat on my arm and purred for an hour or so this morning so I didn’t have the heart for it.  That and it actually still hasn’t warmed up here yet.

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7 Responses to Cutie-Pie

  1. nadbugs says:

    For an HOUR? Seriously? No wonder I love Gus.


  2. nadbugs says:

    Oh yes and one more thing that wouldn’t leave my brain until I came back and said it. Isn’t it amazing how long cats’ stomachs can retain stuff? Remember last year how Bugsy ate my wool birthday present, and didn’t hack it back up for three weeks? !!!! And I saw him perform a similar stunt last week, when he hacked up treats immediately — plus breakfast that he’d eaten some six hours earlier. Verrrry strange. Mind you — last time I myself was doing the hacking, I noticed a similar phenomenon. Verrrry strange all around. Lovely to have to clean up. I’m not sure I realized what I signing up for in that department, when I first took Bugs in. No of course I’m sure. I didn’t realize!!


    • Oldcat says:

      I think what may be going on there is that the stomach quits processing things and then there is nothing to do but spit it up. Not sure how that could work for three weeks though but I used to have a problem that had 24 hour shutdown as a side symptom – anything to eat or drink for 24 hours to the minute would come up eventually. That was worse than the real problem that triggered it.


  3. We think you have the most beautiful kitties.

    Truffle and Brulee


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