Cat Games

I was playing a little game with Calpurnia the other day when she was sitting on the top of the center cat tree.  I was patting her on the back and she seemed to like it, but every time I stopped she would swipe at my hand as I pulled it away.  It wasn’t just the one time – I could go back and start over and she would stay there, as long as I didn’t stop.

I did a similar thing with Julie as he strutted around after coming inside.  If I stroked his tail he would turn about to face my hand, and if I lifted it up he would jump up and catch my wrist with his paws.  No claws! …surprisingly.   After a few tries he did get excited enough to ram my fingers with his teeth – which stung a bit.

Here Calla is giving Julie a warning glance as he sits nearer to her than she likes.  He ignored it, the goof.

I got down pretty low for these pictures to see if it would help avoid the eye glare.  It seems to help.  Gus seems to have ejected one of his up-tilting whiskers over the last week or so.  He used to have two, now there only seems to be one.  Looking back at old pictures, there don’t seem to be any in pictures older than a few years ago.  Maybe the replacement whisker will curve the same way, or maybe not.

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7 Responses to Cat Games

  1. nadbugs says:

    Finally I get to enjoy the banner with Gus in it. My Gus. Plus, I love your choice and layout of the pictures. Nice movement there, from Gus alert, to Gus going down, to Gus down. Very lovely.


  2. Anne D says:

    Whiskers are like our gray hair as we age. The texture and curliness of the gray hair can be very different from what went before.


  3. I betcha’ Ms Calpurnia and Mr Julie were just givin’ you some luv swats…there were cats at my last shelter who did that lots…luv taps…I don’t do that…I just use a squaking meow when Mom or Dad stop brushing or petting me…I like it, I like it…


    • Oldcat says:

      Yes, but the problem with Julie is that he can forget sometimes and accidentally go to town on you when he gets excited about hunting. He’s sorry afterwards, but ouch.


  4. Lurkertype says:

    I was reminded earlier today of your “Keeping Tidy” banner when both my cats started washing their faces, but in mirror fashion. They couldn’t see each other, but I could see them.


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