Checking It Out

This evening I let everyone hang out in the front yard.  Most days this week there were people in the pool which sometimes makes the cats hang close and not enjoy it so much.

Years ago the bushes in-between were large and full and the cats could hang out on the path or hide under them and feel secure even then, but the current gardeners seem to have a style of hacking the bushes down to nubs.

There is a knot on that one bush that Gus and Julie seem to feel the need to rub on every time they go out.  Gus is waiting his turn.

Calla has been kind of reluctant to come out lately but when she does step out she at once starts a stroll to the adjoining house and their front door.  I was distracted when she made her move and came over and caught her here.

Sometimes she walks to the left down the path to the backyard gate, but not today.  The neighbors do have a couple of Siamese cats but I’ve only seen them out rarely.

When Julie doesn’t just go roaming in the pool or RV area, he likes to hang out in this patch of lawn.  From here he can see a good part of the street for anything interesting.

He looks good in green.

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1 Response to Checking It Out

  1. we luvluvluv seeing your wonderful cats…they are truly all so lovely…thank you so much for sharing them over and over again….we so look forward to seeing them


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