Cat’s Got Her Tongue!

Calla is usually content with eating her dry food from a bowl but today she seemed really interested in some wet food so I made her a plate too.  She has a weakness for the stinky kinds.

So after dinner she clambered to the top of the cat tree and was licking her lips and grooming herself for a long time, and my luck was in as a lot of them showed her tongue.

I think this one is more of a ‘lick your lips’ than a grooming lick, but she was mixing them up pretty evenly at the beginning.

With my camera at its normal setting it takes quite an interval for it to calculate the focus and exposure, so it is hard to get the exact image you start with, as she can move quite a bit before the shutter finally fires off.

They don’t all have to be silly shots – you can have a little glamor mixed in there for variety.

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4 Responses to Cat’s Got Her Tongue!

  1. Wazeau says:

    Love the little (or not so little actually!) pink tongue.


  2. MEOWhearthis says:

    Cats are never funnier than when they’re caught tongue out.


  3. what’s with the peeps’ facination with our tongues?! Do they really know what we do with them?? Just sayin…


  4. Kitty tongues are just so cute! And that girl can’t NOT have a glamor shot, tounge or not!


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