Today at work I somehow managed to strain something around my ribs so when I make some moves it feels like a wolverine is biting me and when I make any other move I am expecting for a wolverine to be biting me.

So a short post.

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6 Responses to Ouch

  1. Ouch indeed! i don’t know if it will help you or not, but when I went through my bout with plurisy they told me that holding a pillow against the ouchy ribs would help. I didnt believe them, but did it anyway and it seriously helped! Of course, that may not work depending on why they hurt..
    Beautiful Calla picture!

    I just caught up on all your posts, I cant believe I missed so many while I was under the weather and vacationing! Loved each and every one of them!


  2. minlit says:

    Does your wolverine have adamantine claws?
    Have you tried Tiger Balm? Should get it in any Chinese medicine shop and some mainstream stores too. Tip: Wear an old t-shirt!


    • Oldcat says:

      I have, or did have some Tiger Balm. I usually use a brand called Salonpas which puts a similar stinky pain reliever on a patch that you stick to the skin. Less messy.

      The bad spot is at about the spot where you can touch your shoulder blade with the left hand if the elbow is straight out. Hard to get at.


  3. nadbugs says:

    Ouch. I am concentrating on wishing this wolverine visitation will move on through for you. May you get many tips and may you find the ones that work for you. I’m a fan of Les Fehmi’s Open Focus meditation. You can download a trial for free. I hear some physics & engineering in his thinking — maybe it might appeal to you? http://www.openfocus.com/


  4. Jo Woolf says:

    Not sure if ‘liking’ this post is appropriate! Hope you are feeling better soon!


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