Cover Girl

I like this glam shot of Calpurnia.

She’s out on the patio now, where there is a loud cricket chirping somewhere.  I’m not sure if she is hunting it or not, but she sure seems to be hanging out where it is loudest a lot.  It is a nice night, as the day was just warm enough to keep it from being nippy at night without being too hot in the day.

Even Calla is not immune to the lure of that naked branch (right by her head here).  Gus and Julie always spend a few minutes communing with it when they go out front.  It isn’t like it is catnip or anything – there are 10 other identical bushes around that don’t seem to be as inviting.

I just heard her pounce into the leaves, so I suppose she is hunting a little.  Mr Cricket survives, though.

Thanks for all the nice complements about how clever Calla is.  I remember how quickly she adjusted to the ‘house rules’ about waking people up at night and eating food.  Normally she’s not very pushy because most of what she wants most get met naturally.  But she is the one that I have the most trouble reading.

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5 Responses to Cover Girl

  1. That’s a great glam shot of the pretty girl! I hope she gets that cricket one of these days!
    I’m betting that one particular branch is a ‘mailbox’ for other kitties and everyone has to check it to see who’s been around, then remark it for themselves. Or maybe it just feels better than the rest, MOL


    • Oldcat says:

      I don’t really see or hear any wandering cats in my neighborhood – aside from the spitty Siamese next door and she only shows up rarely.

      The bush is a mailbox for the three of mine, but they can just watch each other tag it. Back before the gardeners hacked the bushes into stubs that was on the ‘home’ end of a little path up into the grass area, but it is wide open now.


  2. Anne D says:

    I am envious of your weather. Two days ago it was 96. But we finally got rain–a blessed thing in this heat. It had been 5 weeks since the last downpour. Stella, the white cat, happy to be inside with all the lightening and thunder.


  3. kimkiminy says:

    There must be some strong scents being rubbed on that branch. Olfactory warfare!


  4. Calla is just a lovely cat…I am not sure what her story is…but like Gus and Julie…she is a good ole soul…and I luv seeing her as well as the guys


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