A Loverly Award

I was told in a comment yesterday that the lovely and talented blogger at Meow Hear This! has nominated this blog for the One Lovely Blog Award.  I really appreciate the thought!

As usual, the first condition is to link back, which I did.  The post doesn’t mention me, but I got a comment that awards me the award – I am not making it up, honest!

One of the conditions of the award is to give seven facts.  Most of these will be about the yard, which I don’t seem to talk about as much as I thought.

  1. Whenever I see a comment from that blog I read it as MEOW-heart-his.  It confuses me for a bit.
  2. I put the slate stepping stones in the yard when the narrow part got swampy because I was watering the lawn to try to keep the grass alive.  I stopped when the grass died anyway, leaving a few ugly clumps of crabgrass.
  3. I bought the slate slabs to crush the crabgrass to death.  It worked, but now the English Ivy has invaded from the front and taken over a lot of the ground.
  4. I have a little dwarf palm tree near the patio that has an interesting history – I was trying to grow it in a pot, but a hot summer seemed to kill it.  I emptied the pot into the yard and left it just before the fall rains that year, and darned if it didn’t come back to life.  It puts out a few new fronds a year.
  5. There are a few odd baby trees that grew up from when there were large trees just outside the yard.  I’m not sure what sort they are, but as long as they aren’t too irritating I let them alone.
  6. It kind of irks me that when I plant plants that seem to grow like weeds natively, like Lantana and Bougainvillea, have a heck of a lot of trouble growing.  On the other hand, a Honeysuckle plant seems to be taking hold.  And the Star Jasmine is attacking and strangling anyone who stands still too long in that part of the yard.
  7. The big tree in the corner of the yard is a Purple Potato Bush.  It needs some serious pruning, but I feel sorry for it, given that the Jasmine keeps attacking it.

 Gus is eyeing the crack where all of the English Ivy invaded the yard from.  Note the swoosh in his tail, something about the situation was bothering him.

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7 Responses to A Loverly Award

  1. nadbugs says:

    Uh-oh. Honeysuckle. Be afraid. Down here it’s like kudzu.


  2. Hiya guys…I see ya already got the One Lovey Award…but if you visit my Monday post this week you will see I also passed the same award to you as well as the Inspiring Award…both are yours and I hope you like them…paw pats Savannah


  3. MEOWhearthis says:

    Sigh. I’m getting senile at 30. So sorry! I don’t know where my brain was. It has since been remedied!


  4. Congratulations! Gus does seem quite perturbed about that ivy, MOL


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