Calla vs. Julie

Today and yesterday were a couple of disturbin’ days for poor Calpurnia.  The first issue was Julie deciding to nip at Calla’s back feet all the way up the stairs. She had to get up to a flat spot to defend herself had start hissing, but by then Julie was long gone and laughing.

Then this morning Calla was begging for food and passed by a little tunnel where Julie was lying in wait.  Sure, his tail was sticking out the back but Calla didn’t notice that.  As she passed by he lunged his head out at her.

He stopped before contact, but the point was made.  She managed a couple of buffets in return, but he still scored big in surprising her.  Again, he ran off laughing at her.

The good thing is that while it takes her down a peg or two, even Calla has to admit this is all just play.  She isn’t scared or anything a minute or so later.  Any hissing is just to save face.

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4 Responses to Calla vs. Julie

  1. Wazeau says:

    that first picture, she looks so miffed!


  2. And then the second picture, “I’m getting these paws ready for a smackdown!” MOL


  3. Julie, you are one crazy risk taking cat! Takes some guts to take on Calla…especially when ya sneek up like that behind her…woo hoo…bet that was a real rush!!! Got your old heart going huh?!


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