Action Cat

I was attempting to take some more ‘action’ shots of Julie, the action cat.  You know you have a habit of taking static pictures when a couple of cat yawns constitutes ‘action’.

Julie was doing his “I’m so thrilled you are watching me I will writhe like a snake and spoil any kind of shot you might make” routine.  But then Gus started to come down the steps and Julie decided to be a meanie and grab at him as he passed.

A bit later I was trying to take some shots of Calla and everyone else just could not resist coming up into the same corner of the room to find out what was happening.  Even though they usually give each other a lot of space, they all had to squeeze into the same three-foot square.

I like his big golden eye crescent in this picture.

The pictures of Calla I was taking didn’t pan out, so here’s one from the day before instead.  A tad too much light in the white, but the swirls of the rest of her fur look pretty nice.


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5 Responses to Action Cat

  1. nadbugs says:

    Hilarious post, OldCat. I can just see Julie the Snake. But isn’t this often the way, when we try to stretch beyond the known & familiar? Yawning as action! Soon we’ll be doing car chases. Car chases we must, because, after all, this is America. It is to laugh ruefully. With you not at you, you know?


  2. Love Julie rolling around. Is that begging for pets not pics? MOL Gus in profile is always adorable, it’s his perky upturned little nose/snout that just makes me want to kiss it! And I don’t think you can take a bad picture of Calla, she’s a glamor queen!


    • Oldcat says:

      When he’s in that mode he’s crazy excited that you are watching him…you have to be careful if you try and pet him then because he can go straight into ‘play hunter’ mode and give you a wound with those claws. He’s sorry after, but there it is.

      Pets are safer when he’s right side up.


  3. ahh, just luv these guys…so much better at the photog thingy than me…seriously…


    • Oldcat says:

      You just need to get some more practice – try the long lens in the camera if Savannah is skittish, or just stand back and crop the picture to only show the good parts later. Most cameras have plenty of extra pixels – these days I reduce mine by 15/16th no matter what just for size.


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