Scratch Cat Fever

I was playing around with Calla instead of letting her sleep in her basket tonight.  I ended up scratching her back and sides and she started with her ‘tongue’ thing she does when scratched.

As I continued, she started to rub on the edge of the basket and even bit at it and licked it too.

This is during the rubbing time.

All done!

Not much to say…I think I’ll see if anyone wants some bonito flakes.

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7 Responses to Scratch Cat Fever

  1. nadbugs says:

    Bonito flakes. We only get salmon stuff when Bean is leaving the premises. A bribe to distract us, so we won’t try to leave too. Send bonito flakes. We want bonito flakes. Bean is on the computer now, instead of feeding us. What kind of world is this. Bonito flakes. Now. –Bugs & Fang


  2. I had a calico who did the tongue thing when you scratched her back. We think it was because she was far too round to reach some of those spots herself and air licked when it got scritched, MOL. Hope everyone enjoyed their bonito flakes!


  3. My kids just bite me when I give too much much-appreciated attention. I don’t like it, but somehow I’ve become someone who raises cats that do that. Sigh.


  4. awwww…Calla luvd her special time with you…then of course, like any true cat…she dismissed you…


  5. Lurkertype says:

    That is what we call a silly spot. Seems to be more common in long-haired kitties. There’s just one place or stroke that goes straight to the tongue and teeth.


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