Bad Day for Pictures

Today was not the best day for photos.  First a guy came to the door selling something, which had all the cats heading for the hills.  A bit later, some random noise set Gus off again and he took fright and ran upstairs again.

So instead of new, I went to some of the extras earlier in the week and pulled some fragments out that I liked, even if the whole picture was lacking.  And there’s usually enough pixels to make up for it.

Note Julius’ two colors of whisker. I’m not sure if any of them are two toned, although I’ve seen cats with bicolor whiskers.

Mr. Gus has got the eeevil in him.  You can tell!

That one gold eye center really changes his expression.

I always like to look at the texture in the iris of her eyes. Now you can too!

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4 Responses to Bad Day for Pictures

  1. Anne D says:

    My son’s cat, a Himmie mutt, had ticked whiskers.


  2. So sorry your kitties had a bad day, but the pictures are great! I love Calla’s eyes too, such interesting color/texture!


  3. MEOWhearthis says:

    Frankly, based on my experiences with cat photography, I’m amazed at your ability to get any good shots at all. But maybe my cats are just extra bratty and move on purpose to ruin perfectly good shots.


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