Interesting Times…

It was an interesting day today. I saw two things I had not seen between the kittys before. The first was at breakfast.  For some reason Gus left his plate early and went to Calla’s.  This is pretty common, and normally the junior cats stand back while he has a taste.

Today I came by and the two of them were eating from either end of the pile of food together.  No hisses or growls, and after a bit more Gus had his taste and moved back.

It reminded me how my two cats Cassie and Angie used to split the food back in the day.

I missed catching her yawn by “that much”!  All I have is a funny face.

I was thinking about the way Calla bit at the basket the other day when I was scratching her back today.  So I put my knuckle up near her face and she started gently nipping at it in perfect time with the scratches.  It was double plus cute.

Julie was out manning the ramparts this evening too.  He loves watching the field outside the wall, and so far hasn’t shown much of an impulse to go out there himself.   This suits me very well.

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3 Responses to Interesting Times…

  1. My Angelkitty Fuzzy also did the tongue-thing when we scratched his nape…it was sooo cute.


  2. I’m just gonna leave a great big AWWWWW for all of it! MOL


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