Speak to Me of Summer…

Even though it is officially summer, we haven’t had any real scorcher days.  It does get warm enough in the afternoons that the cats like to spread out and catch some breezes.  They like that a lot better that the days when they need to huddle in a loaf shape to keep away the chill.

Calla likes this place especially now – on the ‘sofa’ – since she discovered the cylindrical pillow on there that makes a perfect target for making biscuits.  It’s even better than me, since it doesn’t twitch or yell.

Cuteness ENHANCE!

Note that this isn’t a crop – she stayed exactly the same with that paw in the air for me to get both pictures.  Good kitty!

Julius too doesn’t mind sprawling out for comfort on a warm day.  The open window gives a breeze, even more so if the double doors are open too.

I can always tell when Gus is catching a few Zs nearby, because he snores.

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8 Responses to Speak to Me of Summer…

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Why is when humans snore, it sounds horrible, but when kittehs snore, it’s just ADORABLE?


  2. Flat Cat season is here! LOL @ Calla, I always am happy NOT to get tattoos of love.


  3. Wazeau says:

    oh my goodness, snorglebellyicious.


  4. Star snores too, I think it’s adorable! Gotta love when you can have windows open for breezes!


  5. Jo Woolf says:

    Julius has so much effortless style, and looks as if he knows it!


  6. littlemiao says:

    Aww, super floofy belly! We’ve had a few days where the Miao Brothers have been puddled on the floor as if they melted. The only bad thing about warm weather for me is that they don’t want to snuggle.

    Several Miaos snore. Sprocket breathes pretty loudly when he is relaxed. I think it is a half-snore because he is still awake. Ping snores and so does Kemi.


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