Anyone remember the tribbles from the old Star Trek series – they were little featureless purring animals that breed like crazy.  Calla looks just like one here.  I think she was even purring at the time.

For whatever reason, the hammock is getting popular again with both Calla and Gus.  In fact, this week was the first time he used it at all.  Once the ice was broken and he tried it the first he’s gone back a few times.   If he goes back when Calla is in there he gets a hissing.

Julie just came in from outside and had a whole mess of cockleburs on him.  He does not enjoy having them combed out for him.

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4 Responses to Tribble-lations

  1. kimkiminy says:

    She DOES look like a big Tribble!


  2. yup, sort’a large for a Tribble, but she sure does have the ‘look’


  3. The trouble with tribbles… is that they are too cute!!!!!
    Poor Gus, too bad they can’t share the ham-mick..
    Poor poor Julie! Burs are awful, does he pull them himself or do you have to get them?


    • Oldcat says:

      He was trying to pull one I missed later, but he tends to be less bothered by them because his hair is longer and the burrs are not against the skin as much as for a short haired cat.


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