Evil Queen

Calla has everyone fooled.  She may look like a poofy princess cat, but in reality she is the evil queen, plotting to extend her rule over all of the land.

All shall love her and despair!

The Queen has need of minions.  The first of her Beige Knights is named, to be a support in all her acts and plans, no matter how evil.

The only thing that can stop her is Gus-randir, the Tuxed Pilgrim…..

Gus:  What the devil are YOU going on about?

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9 Responses to Evil Queen

  1. errr..umm…ahhh..I just can;t see Calla as the evil queen…nope…she is totally tops in my book…and I am totally a LOTR fan!!


  2. littlemiao says:

    the world would be a better place under her rule, i am certain of it.


  3. kimkiminy says:

    She needs a little tiara.


  4. I concur! She needs a crown! She’s such a beauty queen, no one minds her evil plots!
    What a look on the tuxed pilgrim’s face! MOL!!


  5. nadbugs says:

    I’m sorry, but that first one, with that adorable round face and those huge mitts — NOthing evil there!


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