Bird is the Word?

There were people in the pool area when it was time to go out and hang in the front yard so for a change Julius was not in the mood for a wander on past the pool to his RV area.  Instead he camped on the little rise at the end of the path.  In fact you can see the slope forward toward the street behind him.

When it is busy, and he wants to keep a low profile he stays behind the crest.  When he’s more confident, he moves further out to the forward slope.

If you look carefully, you can see a bit of feathers and skin – or maybe fur and skin, I didn’t look to closely.  I didn’t find the rest of the body around.  I wonder if this is an actual probable bird kill for him, or if it is just a coincidence that this fragment of a bird ended up on one of his favorite sitting spots.

I also saw him taking a strong interest in some hummingbirds yesterday, but this isn’t a hummer.

If this is an actual bird kill, that would be the first from him.  None of my current cats have ever caught a bird, although a previous cat Angelina used to catch a few.

Calla and Gus did take a turn out front themselves, but she decided to go back inside and catch some beauty sleep rather than wander outside for long.  The camera flash did not help with that plan…


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8 Responses to Bird is the Word?

  1. littlemiao says:

    her rest has been disturbed!

    Julius looks great on green.


  2. One thing is for sure, Julius will never tell!


  3. Circumstantial evidence, no confession of a crime, sounds like he’s going to walk. MOL
    Calla looks like she might be putting a contract out on the flashy.. I wonder if Julie will take the offer?


  4. Hope Julie only gets to observe hummers..I hate to see them taken out by our outdoor cats. But that is just me…I don’t go out so I don’t hunt…I just watch and enjoy all that fluttering and puffing of feathers around the water pan and our feeders


  5. Amanda Jolly says:

    Cute!! 🙂


  6. Have I mentioned how lovely Miss Calpurnia is lately???


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