Open Door Policy

I went out earlier to see what Calpurnia was up to out back.  She followed me out to the farthest corner and for some reason was very chatty.  I decided to pop open the back gate – the new gate opens easily while the old one was very sticky.

So to the cats this crazy new thing happened!   The back yard and the front yard were connected!

Julius happened to be sitting right at the end of the walkway straight ahead and came up too.  Even though he jumps the wall all the time, he still thought the new opening was the coolest thing ever.

Poor Gus was left out, he was just coming out to see when we were all coming in ourselves. I’ll have to do it again with him out there, since he loves the front yard so much.

And he doesn’t toddle off somewhere far like the other two cats invariably do.

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3 Responses to Open Door Policy

  1. Anne D says:

    Julie’s whiskers belong in the “Guiness Book of World Records” along with his tail.


  2. Chatty Callie? I would LOVE to hear that, lol.
    Poor Gus, left out of the fun, hopefully he gets a turn soon.
    Julie does have some amazing whiskers.. I thought they only got as long as the cat is wide, and he’s not fat. Or is that another myth?


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