Negative Space

So what is up in this picture?   What is Calpurnia glaring at?  or rather, why is she glaring at nothing at all?

It is just an illustration of the frustrations of taking shots with Julie around.  I was taking pictures of her and then Julie came cruising up and pranced through the foreground, getting closer to Calla than she likes and then plopped down with his front feet on the catnip heart toy in the front.

Even though she was steaming, I pressed the shutter just to get a full length shot of the two of them in the same frame.  But while the camera logic was pondering the picture, Julie decided to get up and leave, and by the time the camera took the shot he was behind me.


Here’s another example – when I took this picture he was facing the left, his back was curled the other way and his feet were tucked up on the left side.  He woke up, rolled entirely over and stretched himself into a U.  If I do that in a tighter shot, he’s out of frame.

Calla is more relaxed without Julie in her zone.  He tends to get in trouble when he blunders into her without thinking, instead of out of malice or mischief.

She’s willing to react when he gets out of line rather than worry about it beforehand.

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9 Responses to Negative Space

  1. kimkiminy says:

    Julie is such a pretty boy. And stretchy.


  2. Lurkertype says:

    The Julie U turned out great, though!

    If he was any stretchier, he would have been an O.


  3. minlit says:

    …they only do it to annoy, because they know it teases. Bow wow wow.


  4. nadbugs says:

    And here I was making up a story about Calla’s broken and disgruntled heart (first pic).


  5. Smack first, think about it later! MOL
    If only someone could make a digital camera that was as fast as the kitties!


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