Happy Cat?

How’s that for a smiley face?

Smiley face

Smiley face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It looks almost exactly like the one with the D in it, like in the picture.  Except for the pointy teeth!

The picture itself was almost totally luck, of course.  I was heading out to take some pictures and he was camped on the wall as he loves to do.  The sun was behind him so I could barely see, and I had to hope the fill in flash would help out  – and that the camera could beat his yawn and get the shot before he was done.  Sometimes it works!

I don’t know if a grand yawn means he’s glad to see me, but the wiggling he did on the wall top certainly means it.  I almost have to avoid looking at him when he’s doing this because he can get so abrupt in his movements that it isn’t impossible he would fling himself right off the wall!

Nobody wants that, of course.

Speaking of teeth, I have Julius scheduled for some dental cleaning next week.  From the looks of things here he may not have any major issues.  This may depend on the state of the Vet’s financial situation, though.

After taking the pictures of Julie I turned about and got this picture of Calpurnia with a strange look on her face.  I suppose she might have been squinting into the setting sun to try to get a look at me.

I’m not sure why the look on her face amuses me, but it does.

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9 Responses to Happy Cat?

  1. Jo Woolf says:

    Love the second pic of Julie!


  2. nadbugs says:

    Maybe it’s the teensiest hint of tongue that does it for you in the Calla shot. Does it for me, anyway.


  3. Heck, I think his TONSILS look great, too! What a yawn.


  4. Anne D says:

    Maybe his fangs should go into the Guiness Book along with the whiskers and tail.


  5. Take that picture with you to the vet.. maybe easier to see his teeth there than trying to pry his jaws open! MOL
    Calla’s look is saying “Why are you taking pictures of him when I’m right here?”


  6. kimkiminy says:

    Sometimes Gracie squirms so much for Rich’s petting, she falls off the chair!

    Calla looks like she’s about to sneeze.


  7. Wazeau says:

    LOve the Julie photos, I like the color inthe second and the fangs in the first!


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