Survivor: TO

Calla does not approve of trashy Survivor TV shows.

Of course, she might be the mean girl who stays on to the very end even though the entire audience tries to vote her off each week.  She has that kind of look here.

The Palm plant on the left is the real survivor.  It’s a small palm that years and years ago I had in a container on the patio.  A few trips and a hot summer and it ‘died’.   I cleaned out the pot and left the dead plant off to the side.  Then I forgot about it.

The next time I noticed it after some fall rains, it had re-rooted itself and put out a bit of a green frond.  It’s been putting out a new one every once in a while ever since.  That’s my kind of gardening.

Finally I got a picture of Gus without him being flat as a board on the floor.  I was afraid you all would think I’d had his bones removed or something.

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8 Responses to Survivor: TO

  1. Survivor is trashy? We love Survivor! Of course, there are lots of trashy knock offs of it… so we’ll just assume that’s what she’s talking about, MOL! She does have that look on her face of the kind of player we love to see get a face full of mud in that top picture.. Of course, we know that she’s really a sweetheart who just has issues with the boys in her house! Julie.. we could see him winning Survivor though!
    Gus has bones! Are you sure though? That bent up paw looks suspiciously boneless..


  2. kimkiminy says:

    Liquid kitty!

    We planted a small cedar tree last fall, and it promptly “died.” We figured it was transplant shock. Turned all brown. Eventually we stopped watering it and forgot about it over the winter. Sure enough, come spring, it started turning green again! Now it’s as healthy as can be. We’re watering it again, of course.


    • Oldcat says:

      In its new spot, it has the auto sprinklers to keep it watered, plus it has been a lot wetter and less hot the last few years. The cutting down of the shade trees across the wall seems to have helped it too – it seems to put the fronds out quite a bit more rapidly now.


  3. Calla, Survivor is a fun show! Give it a chance…


  4. All 3 are so lovely, Miss Calla’s fur makes me want to reach out my paw at just touch all that fluff!


  5. nadbugs says:

    The bonectomy. It’s a staple over here these days.


  6. Rayya says:

    ‘Calla’ & ‘Gus’ are gorgeous! I find felines very tricky to photograph so you did very well capturing these photos. 🙂


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