Fight Club

Julie sure doesn’t look like he is crushed with remorse for one of the meanest tricks ever pulled.  He was tussling with Gus today after coming inside, like usual, but instead of letting him just bite him this time he knocked him over and stood over him, turning the tables entirely.

But this wasn’t the end – Gus broke out his boxing gloves and started jabbing Julie’s face.  Julie did not give up and even let the blows land, but if Gus tried to stand up he would bowl him over again.

This went on for a couple of rounds, but when I aimed the camera and turned on the movie, Julie at once stopped and went off elsewhere to lie down.  Stinker.

To get actual pictures for the post I had to resort to the last refuge of a cat-blogger…the camera strap.  Perhaps its the second to last – catnip being the last.  Calla was off in one of her new favorite spots these last few days – under this little end table on the tiles in front of the fireplace.

She was a little cautious at first but soon had an interest.  It wasn’t the crazy-fun kind of interest, but she tried to trap the strap with her feet if it moved in a lady-like manner.

One side of the table leg or the other makes no difference.  The strap is caught.

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4 Responses to Fight Club

  1. kimkiminy says:

    On the contrary, Julie looks like he’s perfectly pleased with himself. That’s a great way to break up a fight – just bring out the camera!


  2. Ornery Julie! He looks quite content with himself, both with the fight and with running before there was any video evidence! Gotta love the brats!
    Lazy play day Calla? Everycat has those once in a while, MOL


  3. Anne D says:

    Best way to stop a fight-get out the camera.


  4. littlemiao says:

    it’s always about the camera strap. When I wanted to take pictures of Sprocket and his new toys yesterday, he promptly forgot about the toys and pounced on the camera strap.

    Maybe one day you’ll get a fight video of Julius and Gus. Don’t give up!


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