Bad Vet Day

Old Olympus 073

Today was a vet visit day for Julie and Gus. Julie had a tooth extracted, Gus had a blood monitor test too. They are both fine, but had no fun, and had a bad ride back and a bad time when they got home too.

I decided that it would be better not to fuss around with pictures today. Baby Julie should suffice

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11 Responses to Bad Vet Day

  1. Poor sweet cats! Any trip to the vet place is stressing. I’m sorry Julius had a tooffie pulled. War healing puurrs…and a sweet restful night, Pawats, Savannah


  2. kimkiminy says:

    Poor little dude! Does he have kitty Vicodin?


  3. Jo Woolf says:

    Hope both furry warriors are feeling better soon! Love Julie’s baby pic too!


  4. Ohhhh WOW – what a little sweetie. I just want to pick him up and give him a massive kiss and cuddle… purrrs


  5. Aw, poor guys! I hope they recover from the trip to that place soon! And poor Julie’s mouth! hoping and purring he gets better quick!
    Baby Julie is ADORABLE!


  6. littlemiao says:

    poor kitties! Glad to hear they are okay though.

    Julius is so cute.


  7. Wazeau says:

    aww poor kitties. Hard to explain that it is for their own good. Mine go in August 8th and I’m afraid there may be some dental work in Nekoka’s future – never fun. Hope yours soon feel better.


  8. Anne D says:

    My son’s cat had a bad tooth extracted. Made a big difference in his disposition. From my own bad tooth experience, I cannot imagine living with a bad tooth one minute longer than necessary and our animals have to do that since they cannot tell us when they hurt.


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