Sunday Treats

This might be a good way to encourage Julius to come home earlier – hand out treats to the others when he is away.

Calla and Gus are in full approval of this tactic.

Gus was too impatient to wait downstairs for his share and came up a few steps.  In order to avoid any trouble I gave him his share on a step.  The slanted ground did not impede his snack scarfing in any way, shape, or form.

He seems a little protective of the treat stack.

No, she isn’t expressing disgust at the treats.  Instead, she is tidying up before going for the next one!


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4 Responses to Sunday Treats

  1. We’ll do almost anything for treats!


  2. I just love Calla’s eyes!
    Treats just might work! IF he knows they got them. Make sure they leave the scent of scarfed treats around MOL!


  3. anything to entice Julie inside where it is safe…go for it! paw pats, Savannah


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