Getting Around

I thought I’d show a few more pictures from the other day of Gus making his wide circuit around Calla.  Here he is at just about the point where he would stop to avoid getting too close to her.

However, this time there was an easy road around behind the Lantana bush.  I have a few of these and they live on the edge.  They won’t die entirely, but instead of growing like weeds like it seems they do all over the place, mine get some kind of leaf mange all the time and lose most of their leaves.

When Gus keeps walking to the left he will end up on the far side of where Calla is sitting. And that is what he did.

Calla keeps an eye on Gus.  His paranoid caution around the other cats make them think he is up to something.  So they watch him, and this makes him nervous.


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6 Responses to Getting Around

  1. Stunning cats. Looking forward to getting to know them better.


  2. Ah, the vicious circle. He’s paranoid, so they think he’s suspicious, which makes them watch, which makes him paranoid…. Poor kitties!


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