Weekend Warrior

Julie tends to get in trouble when he barges into what I am doing, if what I am doing is taking pictures of Calla.  She doesn’t really like him getting too close without warning.

My cats often like to settle down in the ‘defense ring’ formation with tails facing me and heads looking for trouble when we are outside.  Natural habits are strong with cats.  It’s nice to be trusted, but bad for pictures.

More Camera Strap Action!

Look at those big mitts.

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8 Responses to Weekend Warrior

  1. I have NEVER seen such huge paws in my ILFE! Are you a Maine Coon? You are beautiful. xox


    • Oldcat says:

      Calpurnia is a Persian Himalayan (thus the pointing on the ears face feet and tail like a Siamese). She is much rounder and smaller in the body and shorter in the legs than a Coon is


  2. LIFE…gee whiz. Mom and her typos.


  3. Poor Julie, I hope he didn’t get the paw of doom!
    I love how Calla seems to claim a stone! Does she always use the same one, or does she change depending on her mood? We don’t mind the back pictures, she has a lovely back as well as a stunning front! Camera strap paws! MOL always look bigger when they reach out, don’t they


    • Oldcat says:

      She moves around, but that large rock at the turn is a particular favorite. There’s some sun, some shade, you can see back to the patio or across the side yard.


  4. I never thought about the defensive posture before! Makes purrfect sense.


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