This Is Mine

This morning Calpurnia was again in Julie’s “Man Cave”.  But to her credit, while she does like to ‘borrow’ other cat’s favorite spots, she isn’t possessive about them herself.  If someone is currently in the spot, she just uses another one.  I’ve seen her timeshare spots with Gus all the time – the various cat beds and such.

Now one of Julius’ quirks is that he won’t readily use a spot that someone else has used.  After someone starts to use it, he doesn’t go back for a long time.

Calla the Evil Spot-Snatcher

Gus continues to be a little difficult about the joint medicine.  Even though it is supposed to be flavored to be tasty, he is getting very reluctant to eat food with the stuff in it.  And since there are alternate plates around for the others, he can pretty easily do it.  And at his age I’d rather keep him eating than not.

Even when he finds it tasty, the habit to leave a bit left for the others to sample muddies up the dosage estimate.

What? That Spot was Totally Empty! 

Today I went out and got some new exotic wet food and he did seem to eat it up better.  So that’s something, although the stuff is about twice as expensive.   I wonder if just pouring the powder in the mouth would work…

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6 Responses to This Is Mine

  1. MizRobyn says:

    How about mixing the powder with some water and shooting it into the back of his mouth with an oral syringe then begging his forgiveness with a couple of treats? Might work – might not. 🙂


  2. Spot Snatcher! Love it! Leo knows better than to steal Star’s spot, especially the bean bag. He has yet to do more than walk over it. But Star sleeps wherever Star wants to sleep, whether he thinks it’s his spot or not.
    Gus knows how to get the good stuff, doesnt he? MOL If I want to get something down Star, all I have to do is get some gooseliver/braunschwiger. The strong smell masks any med smell and she adores it! Yes, it’s fatty, but she’s always been a trim kitty so I’ve never worried about it. Then again, she’s never been on long term meds either.


  3. Anne D says:

    I mix the Glucosamine powder from my vet into Gerber’s baby chicken for my 15 year old cat. One capsule emptied into 1/2 jar of the chicken.


  4. First, I like the suggestion about using baby food. Don’t put powder in his mouth. And, I now have a new term for cats sharing each other’s fave spots…”time sharing” cats…who knew!! I luvluvluv it! paw pats, Savannah


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