Weekend Arrivals

An especially welcome arrival was Calla coming out to see what I was up to in back.  Once the heat breaks in the late afternoon all the cats like to come out and get a taste of outdoors.  There usually is a nice breeze too.

Another welcome arrival is yet another Woot! Shirt.  I’ve always liked the painting this is parodying – in fact I have a four-foot inflatable “Screaming Man” somewhere about the house.

Earlier in the day both Gus and Julie enjoyed a companionable moment out back on the rocks.  I don’t think Gus ever does his bite thing with Julie when they are outside.   I’m sure this is a relief.

And both the boys like getting some morning air before things heat up.

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16 Responses to Weekend Arrivals

  1. Lurkertype says:

    I bought one of the 18″ inflatable Scream guys to keep in the hotel suite while several of us were working a very stressful situation. He was quite helpful. Especially when the people who were causing 99% of the stress saw him and went “Oh, cute!” Gave us a good laugh after.

    I’m guessing that’s not Gus’ tennis ball?


  2. My human loves the shirt!


  3. kimkiminy says:

    How have the cats not deflated the Scream yet?


  4. My crew loves the cool evening air too, we all pile onto the Catio to relax. LOVE the shirt!


  5. Those rocks look like nice cool place to lay, especially in the heat!
    Cool shirt!


  6. Andrea Kelly says:

    Woot shirts are too fun.


  7. Gus is so sweet with his front paws crossed…that is what Siberian Huskies do a lot! paw pats, Savannah


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