Preemie Post

Oops – I hit the Publish button too early!

It was another hot day, and the cats were pretty idle.  So here are more pictures from  Saturday.

Gus has been a little difficult with his medicine for joints again.  Once the ultra nice food was gone he started to leave the food alone.  Today I took Robyn’s advice and got a little baby food and mixed it in.   I made it a treat instead of dinner and he did eat it right up.

That stuff is pricey!  Good thing I only need a little.

I don’t want him to get into the habit of being suspicious of food.

The Camera Strap can always bring out the zany in Calpurnia…

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4 Responses to Preemie Post

  1. Great pictures! Gus in profile (love his nose!) and Calla with her tongue out! Too cute!
    I’m glad the baby food is working. I know what you mean about them being suspicious of food. Leo went through that with his kidney/bladder meds. I’m glad he’s off of that now!


    • Oldcat says:

      Giving him a half ounce or so of milk has worked pretty well in reconciling him to the hyperthyroid medicine. He even purrs when I am carrying him to the bathroom for his pill.


  2. Good idea on the baby food. I have to give Felix miralax every evening, this may work!


  3. Lurkertype says:

    When my cat went on a hunger strike once, baby food snapped her out of it. We then went to cheap stinky grocery store food, and then back to her good stuff.


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