I ‘juiced’ up this Calla picture with the photo software to ‘de-blur’ it and show some of the fur texture that the original slightly out of focus original hid.  I liked her expression quite a bit.

I think I’ve mentioned Gus and his spiral tail – well here’s a good shot of him and his spiral tail.  He loves to curl it like that, and often sits on the curly part.  When he does that he looks like a lady with her hair in a bun.

He’s really liking the baby food medicine now.  He reminds me that he hasn’t had it by hanging around the place I give it to him if I forget.

While Gus keeps tidy, I thought I’d mention the Celestial Kitties’ Fundraiser for Winnie’s Wish Rescue.  She will return catnip toys for each donation!

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2 Responses to Spiral

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning the FUNdraiser!! and for donating yourself! Your toys are in the mail and I hope your kitties love them!
    The look on Calla’s face, Queenly disdane! MOL
    Oh my goodness! Gus’s tail is adorable! Is it physically shaped like that or does he just curl it up? If so, how flexible! Star wraps hers around her feet, but it doesnt go that tight! I used to think Leo’s tail tip bent in a complete tiny U, but I finally realized that it was just a long furry tip that dipped straight down. There has to be at least five or six inches of fur past the end of the tail!


    • Oldcat says:

      It isn’t permanently curled, but there is a kink near the base that might explain his issues with raising it high and why he curls it like he does. But it isn’t locked in a curly mode at all.

      Calla has a tiny kink at the very end of her tail, something that I understand is common in Siamese cats. It doesn’t show because of the poof.


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