Out Back with Julie

After Gus stayed in post-dinner, it was just Calla and Julie.  Most of the time he stays like this, facing one way by me, guarding one of my sides against trouble.  I don’t think he considers Calla trouble of that kind, though.

However, he usually remembers to give her some space when moving by just in case.  When he forgets she gives him the business.

Eating Crabgrass is a pastime I view with resignation.  At least in this part of the year, he usually spits it back up outside rather than inside.

It’s something, anyway.

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8 Responses to Out Back with Julie

  1. kimkiminy says:

    I heard once that they get niacin from eating grass.


  2. Yeah them grasses make for some spactacular barfs… You’d almost think they enjoy it.. Goofball!


  3. We’ve never tried the grass. Of course, we never get to go outside, either.


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