Double Milestone Day

Well I’d been keeping an eye on my stats and we passed two milestones today.  Twenty-five thousand views and 3000 comments.  I’m not sure who exactly was the viewer this time, as it was in the night here.  I think there were 2 views from Spain, 2 from the UK, and 2 from Canada and 1 from the US.

The winning commenter is easier to establish.  Nadbugs from Catself did the trick in the afternoon.

Aside from that, nothing big.  The cats were lounging around in the afternoon being unphotogenic, so more pictures from the night before.

Gus is just taunting us all with the profiles now.  Here he is in full “Sphinx'” mode.


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12 Responses to Double Milestone Day

  1. Congratulations on both milestones!! That’s just awesome!

    Gus can taunt all he wants with that wonderful profile! I’ll look and ooo and ahhh and awww every single time! Nose kisses for Gus!
    Julie is looking very sweet there too, very lion-ish himself!


  2. Jo Woolf says:

    Well done! Love the pics of Gus & Julie. Just what is Calpurnia saying in the first pic?!


  3. Star Wise says:

    How very cute – all of your lovely kitties. Give them lots of hugs and treats from me. I will keep coming back for more of your fantastic photography starring these fun-tastic feline furries. Thank you!


  4. kimkiminy says:

    Love the last pic, with Calla peeping in from the background.


  5. Love the inscrutable Sphinx pose!


  6. Sweet Purrfections says:

    We always love seeing pictures of you!


  7. Andrea Kelly says:

    I love Calla in the background on the last shot…So cute!


  8. nadbugs says:

    And with such a lame comment! Well — still. Concats!


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