California Dreaming

After scaring everyone with the vacuum cleaner this afternoon, it was good to see the boys come out from their hiding places and relax afterward.  Calla is a lot braver about these things than either of the boys.

He didn’t even wake up after the first shot so that I could get the closer picture.

This house has been sitting there for a year or so and hardly anyone has gone into it at all, but today Julie decided to sleep in it.  Odds are Calla will be in it any minute now.

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5 Responses to California Dreaming

  1. Gus profiles AND Gus tummy! You’re killing me! MOL
    I bet Calla’s ‘new spot radar’ is going off!


  2. Star Wise says:

    I love that song, California Dreaming. I wonder where Calla is – off somewhere dreaming about mamas and pappas perhaps?


  3. Wazeau says:

    Just love Gus’ little turned up pink nose.


  4. kimkiminy says:

    Great profile shot of Gus.


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