Gussy Don’t Play That

I tried to get Gus to play with the pink feather toy tonight.  Big mistake.

Gus wishes this pink thing would leave his presence.

There is no Feather.  There is no Gus.

Only Zuul.

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9 Responses to Gussy Don’t Play That

  1. OMC! Is that the Zuul ?? From Ghost Busters? Anyways, I don’t know how old your cats are but they are very special,paw pats, Savannah


  2. Andrea Kelly says:

    Hahaha I love it! I’m always saying “There is no Zooey, only Zuul!” to my cat, because she loves perching creepily on things like a vulture. Ah cats…such personality!


  3. Maybe a blue feather would work better 🙂


  4. kimkiminy says:

    “We are not amused.”


  5. Lurkertype says:

    Mr. Gus often looks regal, but he’s outdone himself here.

    He’s ignoring that so loudly.


  6. Wazeau says:

    The dignity…. cannot be denied.


  7. littlemiao says:

    I still haven’t recovered from the first photo.


  8. nadbugs says:

    Words fail me. You know it takes a lot to have that effect. The second picture.


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