Mouse in the House

It is a little cool this evening and the cats out back are puffed up a bit to keep warm as the sun goes down.

Last night it was a little warmer, and it was especially hot for the little mouse that Julie brought home at the end of the night.  He still had some life in him yet and led us both on a merry chase under the shelves in the kitchen before I managed to corral him and get him out the back door.

After Julie saw me come out, he flattened the fir on one cheek rubbing it against the top of the wall.  Sometimes it seems like he will tumble off the wall with his gyrations, but so far he hasn’t.

Calla was out too, also puffed out to keep a little warmer.  The brick border is more her style to walk on top of.

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8 Responses to Mouse in the House

  1. littlemiao says:

    Did either of the others show interest in the mouse?

    I never noticed quite how golden brown Julius’s nose and mouth are. How handsome! And Calla is looking gorgeous amongst the flowers.


  2. Lurkertype says:

    Is that black speck in Julie’s left eye part of his varmint targeting system?


  3. Kelly says:

    That look is complete disbelief that you would purposefully release such a tasty treat.


  4. kimkiminy says:

    We’ve had cats, especially Gracie, who squirm around so much on a chair or bench that they do fall off! Then they run off, all startled at what just happened…


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