Catching Some Rays

It was time for a final check of Gus’ teeth and get his bandage and painkillers removed.  Everything went well, but he still didn’t enjoy the little trip.  The ladies there all were very complimentary of his looks, if not his behavior.  I don’t think he acts too crazy afraid for them, although the hair cutter once reported that he snapped at her.

Well, yeah.

After we got back he took a turn out back with Calla, doing her ‘boulder’ imitation.

I’m not sure what kind of plant that tall thing next to her is.  I did have a similar looking ground cover planted there, but it died out.  It would have to be a crazy mutated ground cover to go right up like that.

Calla prefers to nip this sapling’s leaves, although they are getting too high for her.  A few years ago that was just about her height, and she used to bite holes in all the leaves.  Things grow pretty fast out here.


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2 Responses to Catching Some Rays

  1. Well, I’d nip at someone who came at me with pointy objects too.. so don’t blame him too much!
    Calla is the prettiest rock in the garden!


  2. Gorgeous photos. Glad all went well at the vet. Must say, if I were a cat, I’d probably snap at the hair clippers as well.


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