What’s Calla’s Beef?

She’s a bit cheesed off with me at the moment, but what for?

I got a “Cat Crib” delivered, which is a new hammock that you can mount under any end table or high leg chair.  So to test it, I had to grab all the cats and stuff them in it.  Of course, this irked all of them a lot.

It is part of the deal that they have to put up with this kind of thing from me.

There was one odd thing after Gus’ bandage was removed yesterday.  He was holding the leg oddly when laying down, and twitching it.  It didn’t seem to be pain, and he would get up and walk on it without a limp.  It wasn’t numb.

But something about his foot was bothering him. It was too late to call the vet that night, unless I wanted to go to an emergency vet.

Luckily by mid evening whatever it was gone, and he was totally normal today.  I wish I knew what was up with that.

Calla finally forgave me, so much that she even climbed up to my lap herself for some pets and a little brushing.   I think I mentioned earlier that she has started doing that fairly regularly when I am sitting in the armchair after only doing it once or twice in the first two years.  Now it has been a few times a week.

It is very nice.

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9 Responses to What’s Calla’s Beef?

  1. Maybe Gus was just used to having the bandage and it felt weird without it at first?


  2. kimkiminy says:

    Let me know how they like the under chair hammock. They look pretty neat!

    I bet it just felt strange having it off.


    • Oldcat says:

      I did stuff Julius into it later and got him to play with the feather sitting in it. My cats are notorious ‘stick in the mud’ types about trying new stuff on their own.

      The fastening to the leg of the chair (well, in my case, end table) does work even with big cats in it.


  3. Well, how else are they going to try something new.. of course, now that they think it’s something they have to be stuffed in, they may not like it either, MOL Now that they know it’s there, hopefully they go to it on their own.
    I’m glad Calla forgave you enough to allow you to brush her!
    Was the bandage on Gus sticky? Maybe he was reacting to residue but now has it safely cleaned off?


    • Oldcat says:

      There were some clumps of hair matted on top of the foot so I trimmed them, no diff. The bottom of the foot behind the paw pad is shaved down to the skin to let the medicine ooze into him. They seemed to have cleaned that off, there was no residue that I could feel.

      The last time he had that the bottom was red and scraped when it came off, they wrapped it a bit looser this time and that didn’t happen. A mystery.


  4. littlemiao says:

    Now my kitties want hammocks too.


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  7. jamjet73 says:

    What a beautiful cat !


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