Non Commercial

There’s a lot of comment and curiosity about the Cat Crib.  I was thinking of taking a picture of it, but Julius made it mandatory by climbing in on his own to watch while I took a pic of Calla on the sofa.

I had been a bad owner a bit earlier by not only putting Gus in the crib, but stuffing Julie under it!  When Julie’s head poked up the side Gus took a swat at him.

As you can see it is pretty sturdy.  There’s a nylonish colored side and a fuzzy inner lining that keeps fur on it.

Just like yesterday, I got the pink feather for him to play with.  I think he may find that he likes the way the crib swings as he moves in it.

The thickness of the material on the edge keeps him from being dumped out on his noggin.

He’s bracing against the side and tugging the feather pretty firmly.  No problem for the crib.  These views don’t really show the color much, it’s that same sand color all over.  There’s quite a bit of extra strapping if your table is bigger than this one, or if the legs are fat.

I wouldn’t be shocked if someday I find Gus or Calla under it instead of on top.  That might be an added bonus for shy cats – a new cubby to lurk in or under.

So that’s two days of fun with it already!

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3 Responses to Non Commercial

  1. Oh that hammock is awesome! I’m so glad he got in there on his own! What a sweetie


  2. Wazeau says:

    Almost makes me want to go buy a chair with legs…. Great photos.


  3. Andrea Kelly says:

    It looks like fun! 🙂


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