Tough Girl

See the mighty huntress!

I had the back door open and Calla was outside on the patio.  Then she began to make quite a fuss out there like she was calling me out.  Even Gus took notice of all the noise.

I went out and didn’t see anything.  Then I noticed that although when I came close she would back off, she kept coming back to one spot.  I looked real close and there was a cricket / katydid / grasshopper there!  She had caught it, or was warning me about it, or something.

I gave her some props for catching it, and told her it was safe.  This made her a little bolder, and when it jumped out onto the concrete she pounced on it.  Then she would “de-pounce and back off when it wriggled.

A few minutes of this and the poor thing was pretty dazed.  She would then grab it in her mouth and then drop it when it moved.  I don’t think she ever crunched it up, but nevertheless it still counts as a victory!

Gus was totally impressed.

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5 Responses to Tough Girl

  1. Good girl Calla! Mighty huntress indeed! I don’t blame you a bit for dropping it when it wriggled though, bleh! MOL
    Gus does look seriously impressed… 🙂


  2. kimkiminy says:

    Crunchy Catydids is the name of my new band.


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