Cat Nap

The other cats may let me down and go off and play on their own, but Gus is virtually always nearby.  He’s there, if not always totally awake.

Or awake at all.

I love the curled up feet.

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6 Responses to Cat Nap

  1. Kelly says:

    That’s my Norman. I hardly ever have to wonder where he is. Even though he’s not much of a snuggler, he’s usually either at my feet or on the arm/back of the sofa nearby. It’s great to have faithful companions.


  2. Oh Gus! You are such a relaxed guy. So sorry to have been absent, but we moved to a new home about five miles away, and only just getting Internet back. Paw pats, Savannah


  3. Oh he’s so cute! How do you let him just sleep? I’d have to snatch him up and snuggle him all the time!
    Chin scritches and tummy rubs Gus Gus!


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