Catching a Breeze with Gus

It is still warm enough here that the air in the evenings is comfortable.  The area in front of the big doors are a good place to lie down to feel them and smell the news they bring.  In a while it will get too chilly to keep open wide after dark.

Here’s a glamour shot for Gus fans.

That’s Gus’  “I hear something that I might not like” face.  I forget if the trigger was anything specific this time or if he was imagining things.

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6 Responses to Catching a Breeze with Gus

  1. Lurkertype says:

    Gus profile!!!

    I like the dismayed Gus face too. And the long arms in the first.


  2. I’m a Gus fan! Love his profile! That touch of black makes his nose look all upturned from this side! I just wanna kiss it, but I suspect he wouldn’t like that much..
    I hope it was something imagined and that he was able to stay all comfy in the breeze!


  3. minlit says:

    Smell the news…..great.


  4. Great profile of Gus.


  5. Gus’ profile IS very glamour indeed. And cute!


  6. nadbugs says:

    Half-black half-pink! Untold depths to my guy.


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