A Visit with Calpurnia

Today was a good day to visit Calpurnia in one of her little places that she likes to camp out in and watch what is going on.  Some of the toys have taken up residence here which makes it easy to try to entice her to play.

Even the evil orange feather from a few weeks back is still around, and it still has the capability to annoy.  This time she knows who is responsible for this, though.

After I got rid of the feather, we had a good time playing with the red string for a bit.  Then I got greedy….

I put three toys  – adding the camera strap! – out at the same time.  Calla was not impressed with this superabundance for some reason.  Her look cracks me up.

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6 Responses to A Visit with Calpurnia

  1. Hee hee hee, “talk to the paw” in that last one!
    The first one she’s just looking all gorgeous and smiling.. oh what a pretty girl!
    And the middle one, if you look quick, it looks like she has a flower in her hair. Love this series!


  2. nadbugs says:

    She looks like: Dahling. Puh-leeze. Get a grip.

    And the Gussie banner showed up for this one. Adore him. That last pic, of him smiling . . . . what a honey.


  3. Dianda says:

    She doesn’t look pleased… AT ALL!


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