Garden Party


With the shorter days, it is going to be hard to get outside pictures on weekdays going forward, so it was good to have a nice weekend day to take some.  There was a bit of wind even down inside the walls of the backyard that sometimes annoyed the cats.

In this picture part of the reason she’s so fluffed up is a tail wind pushing her hair out.

The Lantana is back in bloom, and I even saw a few blooms on the honeysuckle bush that hasn’t bloomed since I planted it.  It’s really growing well along the back wall.  There’s quite a bit of trimming to do out there.

Calla took the opportunity to do some cleanup on the slate rocks.

What?!  Can’t I take a bath in peace anymore?



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5 Responses to Garden Party

  1. Dianda says:

    “Ugh, this nasty wind keeps messing up my hair!”


  2. nadbugs says:

    No. Pink tongue means no peace for you my pretty.


  3. Awww we love to see you take a bath!


  4. Nasty wind has ruined more than one coiffure.. But nothing takes the lovely out of Calla!


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