Blue Eyed Girl

Calla has been keeping up her climbing up onto my lap on the chair almost daily now.  Sometimes she gets spooked out of it and will retreat if I grab at her, but she lets me hold her to brush her when she does get all the way up.

It is especially nice since today Julie was in a snit.  I kept everyone – meaning him – in today because I heard some coyotes out my window last night about 3 AM.  It seems to be a regular thing in the fall…some kind of migration along the highway toward the coastal mountains or away from it.  The noises seemed close, but could have been quite far off.  The association cleared pretty much all trees and cover from the area behind the back wall, so Julie doesn’t go there at all anymore and there’s no cover.  Odds are high that they group moved on in whatever direction they were going.  I’ll annoy Julius for a while longer anyway.

I lured Calla partway out of her little favorite spot with the old camera strap toy.  This picture is just after her bite of it was let go.  We had a few minutes of back and forth with it before Julie came over to whine at me.

After that, she still watched the strap but wouldn’t go wild over it again.  She’s really starting to fluff out for the winter.  She probably could use a trim back down to her ‘pajama’ length again.  I had thought of doing that during the summer, but didn’t get around to it.  If I wait the full year it will be crazy long again.

Well not that crazy long for a Persian, but she seems to like it relatively short, and it sure makes the care easier.

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4 Responses to Blue Eyed Girl

  1. My mother lost a lot of kitties to coyotes before she realized what was happening. Her cat isn’t allowed out at dark any more and he hates it! I hope Julie gets over his snit about the situation and realizes it’s for the best. But he probably doesnt understand, poor guy.
    Calla has some fierce looking teethies! I’m so glad she’s starting to be a lap kitty for you!


  2. Dianda says:

    I’m glad to live in a country where there are no wild animals outside like coyotes and foxes don’t dare to show up in neighborhoods. The only animals outside are the humans. 😦


  3. Lurkertype says:

    I once heard coyotes killing a small dog someone had left out. Horrific. The dad of the family I was staying with ran to help but it was far too late. He refused to tell us any details.

    So I don’t care how whiny he gets, I’m glad you kept Julie in.


  4. Calpurnia is just one gorgeous lady cat, so regal!


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