Me and My Shadow

Well, more like Gus and his shadow.  And a sock.

He’s hanging out defending the magical treat appearing place now that Julie is back.

Yes, Julie got to go out a little.  He walked down the wall to peek into the neighbor’s windows for a bit, then later I heard him come back and probably jump over into the pool area and perhaps the RV park after that.  He stays inside the walls of the neighborhood to have his fun, or on top of them.

Calla came by to give herself a good scratch on the cheek.  No need to chase her down today for a picture.

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11 Responses to Me and My Shadow

  1. Gus and his shadow are both cute, especially since it’s his best side!
    That angle gives Julie a pained expression, lol, probably objecting to the flash?
    Calla, so gorgeous, such a pretty smile!


  2. Everybuddy is looking good!


  3. Wazeau says:

    Some cats just don’t want their picture taken! And some live for it apparently 🙂


  4. hope those coyotes kept moving along, they are very dangerous for cats. ick


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