Portrait Day

More Calla portraits on the stair landing from yesterday.  This one is pretty funny – I think this was because Julie was charging up the stairs to see what we were up to and I was shooting low up at her face.

Look at those electrified whiskers on the right there.

Once Julie backed off, she was a bit more normal about things.  This is still a bit low, but it shows her ruff pretty well.  It’s really filling out as the winter coat comes in.  I really need to  get it cut before it becomes too unmanageable for her.

This one is more of a side view than the others.  You can see the tuft of hair around the eyebrow line that sometimes makes her look like she is glowering at you a lot of the time.

Now, sometimes she is really glowering.  But the extra long fur standing up there adds to the effect.


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3 Responses to Portrait Day

  1. Andrea Kelly says:

    Oh my gosh, that first pic is classic! Pretty girl Calla 🙂


  2. Calla is gorgeous on each picture but the first one is priceless!


  3. Whatever is reflecting in her eyes in that first picture.. looks like she’s watching the aliens land! MOL “Oh my Cod! RUN!!!” hee hee
    She is getting floofy, gorgeous floof! I don’t know if I could cut it off, but I understand why you do. She gets it caught in her mouth when she licks, doesn’t she? When it’s super long.


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