Well yesterday’s crankyness was raised a notch this morning when Gus bit at Calla when she was eating breakfast from a bowl of dry food and the pair of them turned into a yin-yang ball of mutual biting and kicking.

I was able to separate the two of them easily enough and unlike the Feliway incidents once I got him away he was pretty much back to normal if a bit surly from being dragged about by his scruff.  Since one of the past times he bit the crap out of my hand, this was good news.  This was just a common cat scrap – which actually isn’t that common around here.

Links to the Peliway Posts: One Two Three 

After I got Gus calmed down I went and found Calla was perched on the middle rung of the cat tree, which is a place Gus isn’t likely to be able to reach – he’s not a good climber.  She wasn’t too worked up herself.

After coming down for dinner, Calla went upstairs on her own.  I went up to get some pictures and found her on the Tree Cat Tree.  She’s no wallflower, but she isn’t above taking some steps to avoid a new confrontation.  And when the weather cools it is a lot warmer up there.

I got her to play with the camera strap a bit, and felt a little better when I found she wasn’t upset or hiding.  In fact, she spends part of most days up in that room, in one spot or another, even if I’m home.  Gus’ favored upstairs spot is in a different room except when I am up in the morning.

The top of the “tree” is lumpy with seams of stiff carpeting making little ridges and creases.   The cats seem to like that a lot, as much as they like flat or soft things to sleep on.  The shirt I layered on top of my t-shirt a couple of days ago is just a bonus.

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18 Responses to Fracas

  1. nadbugs says:

    Excellent. I’m relieved to hear that nobody’s blood was spilled. Must go back and follow the Feliway link. I gave in to the vet and tried some, in our last episodes, and it seemed to help us. But as usual in the cat world — nothing is absolute. Including nothing.


  2. nadbugs says:

    Oh — I thought the link was going to lead to your posts. Can you do for me?


    • Oldcat says:

      I added some links for you


      • nadbugs says:

        Great. Thank you. (Jeez!!! what an episode!!!) So — let me see if I’ve understood in part what happened. When the Feliway mister ran out, Gus launched into aggression. You had to wean away from the stuff. Is that right?


      • Oldcat says:

        Yes – the Feliway was acting as an irritant, making him more tense, but blocking him enough to keep him from ‘workiing it off”. So once the block was gone, he burned it all out in a few minutes of crazy. So the tranq + Feliway time was to try and avoid another big attack, which it pretty much did. After that, the question was if the tranq would be needed long term, which it turned out wasn’t needed.

        So while this was one of the few times he has come to blows since (if not the first), at least this was just a little bit of bile to work out and much less intense for everyone.


  3. Anne D says:

    Glad that you came out unscathed. The last time I broke up a cat fight (was trying to keep my alpha female from beating up a neighbor’s cat) my cat ripped open my wrist, then, when I dropped her, she went on to beat up the neighbor’s cat. I still have the scars. That is how I remember when my tetanus shots are due.


  4. It’s so nerve wracking when they fight.. I’d rather have playful tussles, but we dont get those here. I’m glad everyone was chilled out afterward!


  5. Sweet Purrfections says:

    Glad there were no battle wounds. Luckily, Truffle and Brulee just have playful tussles.


  6. Lurkertype says:

    We have cat battles all the time, where the fur literally flies. Oddly, it’s almost never about food. Food is the only thing they’ll (sometimes) share.


    • Oldcat says:

      I don’t think this was either, really. I had just poured some food into his normal spot, a few feet off. The food might have been a trigger, but he had been pressing himself into her space increasingly for the last 24 hours for whatever reason.

      Calla doesn’t start trouble, but she doesn’t back down either.


  7. Star Wise says:

    Fussy Gussy ! Great photos of cute Calla, Oldcat 🙂


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